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nasty bug in smtpserver

I guess Matti is already out in the sea, but this may be of interest to
others as well.  In the current CVS version, there is a nasty bug:
SS.sslwrbuf and friends are initialized inside smtpserver() function,
while type() is called *before* calling smtpserver() in some occations
(namely, if MaxIpSource is hit).  In such case, smtpserver busyloops
inside Z_write.  Too bad.  Initialization must be moved up to the main()
function, before first call to type(), but after fork().  Somwhere
around line 1362 looks appropriate.

I will post a patch soon.

Eugene Crosser, head of Internet Applications section, +7 501 787 1000
ROL, EDN Sovintel, Golden Telecom, http://user.rol.ru/~crosser/

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