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Re: Ldap based mail routing..

Trying to pick up on the thread of 12 Mar 2003...

>> (|(mail=recipient@server.com)(mailAlias=recipient@server.com)) and
>> must be sent to server which is in mailhost attribute. If no entry is
>> found.. mail is sent to mx record..

Technicaly, this is wrong. the "mail" attribute is for use by humans
only. I dont know where you got mailAlias from, I suspect you mean

>Oh,  no, that is actually calling for   fqdnroute-like thing..
>It needs definitely smart 'relation' statement parameters,
>possibly additional smarts into   'zmailer newdb'..

For what its worth, sendmail makes the ldap query each and every time.
Since LDAP is specifically designed for lots of reads, this 'should' be
ok. Also significantly, one of the reasons of LDAP routing is to
distribute the administration, and thus the admin of the ZM box wouldnt
know when to update any local cache.

Im not exactly sure what the ldap code from ccyflai@ust.hk is supposed
to, but Im sure its not what kwiatek@tpi.pl is taking about, and which
sendmail provides as described in

Jeff Warnica <jeffw@chebucto.ns.ca>
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