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Re: mail stuck in transport queue

On Wed, 18 Jun 2003, Carlos G Mendioroz wrote:

> May be you have some special delivery setup for utoronto.ca,
> and it is not working or even it is not there any longer.
> (May be you are upgrading ?)
Thanks all.  

After looking at the buglog, I notice that there was a bug with the 
dnscache program under zmailer 2.99.53 (2000-Jul-17).  I guess my mails 
were stuck in the transport queue because of this (dns mx lookups fail), 
as I was using the dnscache program.  However, contrary to the symptoms 
listed on the buglog page, not all the dns mx lookups failed, just 
the ones that looked for utoronto.ca and any entries that were in my hosts 
file.  When I removed all the entries in my hosts file (except for localhost)
, *magically* everything works, including lookups for utoronto.ca.  

I followed Matti's advice and looked at the core dumped files and I see 
that the segmentation faults happen in a function call called gaih_inet() 
in libc6.  

Is there a patch/fix for the dnscache problem?     

After I changed the to bind everything works fine (with the original 
hosts file).

Thanks again,

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