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Re: bug in new content-policy protocol handling?

On Wed, 11 Jun 2003, Ambrose Li wrote:

> Hello,
> in the new content policy filter protocol, the filter is supposed
> to be run in a loop waiting for job-spec's. However, after checking
> the log file of my filter, I found that the filter is always only
> passed exactly one message to process; i.e., the loop is always
> executed exactly just once.

Smtptpserver starts contentfilter and/or router once per connection.
The master smtpserver process accepts connections from network and
starts childs to serve accepted connections. Each child in turn
starts contentfilter and feeds all messages to single contentfilter
invocation if possible.

> This happens even if I modify my filter to use select and sysread.
> Log for one message is included below; there is no timeout occuring
> or anything obvious (e.g., two #hungry's in a row, changes in pid,
> etc.) that would cause this. Perhaps there is a bug in the
> contentfilter.c code (unless there's a bug in my filter :-)
> which would be quite bad...)

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