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In zmailer.sh.in, I think it should better be this way:

-               perl -ne 'chomp; $new = $_; $new =~ s#^.*/##;   \
+               @PERL@ -ne 'chomp; $new = $_; $new =~ s#^.*/##; \

Looking closely at the remainder of my patchset, I see one more thing,
which is somewhat miraculous to me.  I am *NOT* sure that this patch is
needed or does the right thing, but it may be worth investigation.  I
vaguely recall that I was fighting with smtp transport busylooping and
tracked the trouble down to synching unopened file descriptor.  I think
that my patch fixed the problem because I don't observe it anymore. 
Anyway, plese look into it and *maybe* you will find it "right":

Index: transports/smtp/smtp.c
RCS file: /cvsroot/zmailer/transports/smtp/smtp.c,v
retrieving revision 1.298
diff -u -r1.298 smtp.c
--- transports/smtp/smtp.c      2003/05/06 09:21:41     1.298
+++ transports/smtp/smtp.c      2003/05/07 07:51:33
@@ -3811,6 +3811,8 @@
        int statesave;
        time_t when_timeout;

+       if (SS->smtpfd < 0) return rc;
        SS->smtp_outcount = 0;
        SS->block_written = 0;


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