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RE: X-Envelope-From?

>   That is defined in the original RFC 821 way back -- and is called:
>     Return-Path:
>   :-)

Ahh, but I meant the Zmailer doing its own job, no matter what the client
declares in the message headers. Probably I didn't phrase it right, what I
meant was what I have just found in the (unfortunately!) TODO section of

        - Store the ORCPT information into a "X-Orcpt-To: "-header
        - Store the NRCPT information into a "X-InRcpt-To: "-header
        - Store the ENVID information into a "X-Envid: "-header
        - Store the original FROM:<..> into a "X-OrigFrom: "-header

I meant the last point of that list. Anyway, since it has not been done,
I've put the following code into my TA (we have developed our own):

#define XSENDERFROM "X-OrigFrom: "

    len += strlen(XSENDERFROM);
    len += strlen(dp->senders->user);


    header = realloc(header,len);

Unfortunately, with this implementation, the X-OrigFrom: is added only in my
cnp-ta, so for example mails that I'm just relaying remain anonymous ;-(

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