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Re: how to omit rcpt check.

On Sun, Mar 30, 2003 at 02:22:58PM +0000, Artur Meski wrote:
> How can I omit recipient's domain check for clients connecting from
> specified address?  I want to accept all messages sent by that clients
> and then send a bounce if domain doesn't exist.


- smtp-policy.relay.manual
- smtp-policy.relay
        Who can use us as outbound relay.

        Use here
        for listing those senders (networks) we
        absolutely trust.  Additionally you may give
        (at the same line) some attributes as parameters
        for this key entry:
            fulltrustnet +
            trustrecipient +

        The first pair will accept any source address,
        and any recipient addresses that are fed to
        the server.

        The second will verify the source IP-address,
        but after that it will accept any recipient

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