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RE: How I did integrate Virus Scanner to ZMailer

El 13 Mar 2003 a las 14:11, Luke Galea escribió:

> We found an elegant solution for using spamassassin alone that involved
> running spamd, telling zmailer to run content filter which connected to
> the spamd port to check for spam, and then returning from the content
> filter. Could this be applied to MailScanner? Can it be made to listen on
> a port for mail? 
Nope... and that would be a feature, not a bug :-)

MailScanner wants to be in charge of the queue during the process, that is, 
it wants to pull the messages rather than them being pulled into it so it can 
somehow control resources and times and decide if something has gone wrong 
(i.e. timeouts for AV processes and the like).

However, I think amavis has a mode for listening in a port where you can feed 
it files to be scanned...

Mariano Absatz
El Baby
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