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Re: fast relaying, antivirus

On Thu, 2003-03-13 at 16:33, Martin Zedek wrote:

> I am providing, mail system which consists of several mail
> servers, each running on Zmailer. I have one central gate
> for incoming mails and several servers where users
> mailboxes are situated (gate exists, because each user
> has same domain name @xxx.yy but mailbox is on various server)
> internet
>    |
>    v
> +-------+     
> | gate  |--+->zmailer1
> |zmailer|  |  
> +-------+  +--zmailer2
>            |
>            +--zmailerN
> 1) zmailer on gate just relays, I tried to set maximum speed
>    of relaying in scheduler.conf
>      smtp/z1.xxx.yy
>      interval=10s
>      maxchannel=240
>      maxring=40
>    - is there any way to get higher speed of relaying?

With recent versions (within last couple of years) you don't need
anything special to speed up relaying over your local network.  Interval
does not matter because processes now notify each other of the new work

>    - another "feature" is, that there is always only one connection
>      at the same time to the target machine
>      (maybe it is due to fact that I have very 
>       old version of zmailer (

That should not matter for local network.  Multiple connections only
noticably speed up things when there is high latency (i.e. over the
Internet).  Anyway maxthr= is the max number of transport agents to
launch to the same destination.

> 2) I would like install antivirus and spam filters on gate.
>    There is no option for antivirus in smtpserver config file,
>    but I know, that content filter function
>    exists in smtpserver sources, so i could use this function...
>    Do you have any tips for using zmailer with 
>    antivirus and spamfilters? 
>    (performance tips, which antivirus and why?)

Yes, I am very interested in that too.  I know of one commercial
antvirus that has connector to Zmailer (uses old contentfilter
interface), but I did not try it yet.  If your relaying policy is not
very complicated, and you don't have very many simultaneous incoming
connections, you could use Messagewall (http://www.messagewall.org/), it
has builtin virus scanner and some other nice features.  I successfully
use it on my private system (average.org) for several months.

Of open source antiviruses, clamav seems a more advanced one, but it
should be non-trivial to invoke it from Zmailer in efficient way.


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