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Re: IMPORTANT!!! Possible open relay bug in Zmailer!!

On Thu, 20 Feb 2003, Luke Galea wrote:
> Rcpt to:some_guy_who_should_never_get_this_message%aol.com@mail.test.com

That's called a "percent hack".  It is officially considered deprecated, and I
disabled it long ago by commenting out the appropriate lines in canon.cf (this
is from an old version, but you get the idea):

	#       (.+)<@(.+)%(.+)>(.*)
	#                       address="\1%\2<@\3>\4"
	#                       continue
	#                        ;;     # ripple % to @
	#       (.+)%(.+)<@($orgdomains)>(.*)
	#                       address="\1<@\2>\4"
	#                       continue
	#                       ;;


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