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[Q] meaning of (local pipe.foo ...) calls in aliases.cf


I am trying to hack aliases.cf to recognize queue names for
my freshly-installed ticketing system (RT), and I find that
I don't understand what I am copying.

I managed to copy-and-paste and arrive at something like this:

        # Recognize foo-{correspond,comment}@$mydomain
        # as an RT correspondance/comment for queue foo
                return (((local pipe.nobody "|/software/rt2/bin/rt-mailgate --queue $queue --action $action" $(newattribute $attr privilege "0" ))))

I wrote "pipe.nobody" in the "return" line. However, when I
read other "return" commands for pipes in the rest of the
file, I find that what I think is a userid is usually the
list name or something like that. What exactly is that part
(that I wrote "nobody")?

Also, is there a way to force the pipe to run as a certain
user (other than specifying the command as "su ....")?

Thanks in advance,

Ambrose Li  <a.c.li@ieee.org>
http://ada.dhs.org/~acli/cmcc/  http://www.cccgt.org/

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