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sm with 8-bit input


I wonder if the sm program has changed since 2.99.56pre1, in
particular in its MIME handling.

I discovered a strange corruption problem some months ago;
it only affects mails with 8-bit plain-text attachments
(e.g., mail with Chinese plain-text attachments; mails
with binary attachments or us-ascii attachments are
not affected). I at first thought that this was Cyrus
deliver(8)'s problem, since there was no problem before we
switched to Cyrus; but today I find that it is actually
sm(8)'s fault. It seems that sm(8)'s MIME handling is (was?)
broken.  Passing -8 to sm (in scheduler.conf) caused the
corruption to vanish.


Ambrose Li

``A good style should show no sign of effort;
  what is written should seem a happy accident.'' ~ Somerset Maugham
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