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Re: Contentfilter problem CD


Adrian Siemieniak wrote:
> Hello - i still haven't found any solution - can't anybody realy help
> me with that problem? ;)
> Few more clues -
> when smtpserver is run with "-i" (interactive) IT WORKS FINE!
> when run as a daemon or from inetd i have error like before
> --
> HWP009672r      data
> HWP009672w      354 Start mail input; end with <CRLF>.<CRLF>
> HWP009672#      policyprogram said: 
> HWP009672#      policyprogram said: 
> HWP009672#      Content-policy analysis ordered message rejection.
> (code=-1); ms g=''
> HWP009672w      552 5.7.1 

This looks like that zmailer can not execute the contenfilter script. 
Maybe the user running zmailer does not have the right to execute or 
maybe the script doese not have acces rights to a file (mail, 
filterlist, logfile)

Regards, Dirk

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