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Contentfilter problem


For few days (after reboot and quite big system upgrade) i have problem
with contentfilter - i'v tried so many things to do that i'v already
lost myself

smtpserver.conf has few lines like below
PARAM  policydb   $DBTYPE  $MAILVAR/db/smtp-policy
# External program for received message content analysis:
PARAM  contentfilter    /sav/bin/tst

tst is a shell script that check mails against viruses - it returns 0 or
-1. Whatever i do - even if i change that tst to simple C program that
writes to stdout "0" i get in logs stuff like here
HWP009672r      data
HWP009672w      354 Start mail input; end with <CRLF>.<CRLF>
HWP009672#      policyprogram said: ˙
HWP009672#      policyprogram said: 
HWP009672#      Content-policy analysis ordered message rejection.
(code=-1); ms g=''
HWP009672w      552 5.7.1 

And i'm preate sure that 'tst' sais "0" . Where to look for solution -
i'm getting creazy with it.

Adrian Siemieniak | Administrator (at) Internet Center Polska
tel. (0-71) 344-82-53 wew 26
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