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message size limitations

Hi there,

I would like to vary maximum message size allowed by the smtp server based
on the login of the sender from envelope address. The problem is, this quota
is advertised by server after EHLO command, before MAIL FROM: command. Of
course, I could advertise some big number there and refuse to process mail
after "." from DATA command, but this will make users angry - first they
will send huge mail over slow modem link for several minutes, and then they
will be informed, that we are sorry etc... And the so called "user's
positive experience" is an important issue for us and we'd rather not
proceed in this direction.

Is there any way to force/advise client to send actual message size intended
to be transmitted before DATA command, but after MAIL FROM: <>?

Obviously, my main concern are Outlook Express clients, as they tend to be
in biggest abundance out there in the real world ;-) Such cooperation from
other relays would be feasible, but is not cruicial - i.e. I will loose some
bandwidth, but at least the user will not wait, just the other server.

Let me know, if you have any advices or experiences with that issue.


Bus error -- passengers dumped.

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