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Re: anti-spam tests...

On Fri, 6 Sep 2002, Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:

> One thing I've been wanting is a reallu dynamic blacklist: One that will
> answer my query from its cache, probe for open proxies in case of a
> cache miss and then cache the result.

This would result in testing every host that sends you email.

Worse, if such a scheme becomes populare it'll result in every
host that I'm sending a message to testing my server. Not fun
when you're running mailing lists ;)

IMHO such a testing scheme should be distributed, we should
share each other's results so we waste less resources doing
the various tests.

> Does any of you know about such a beast?

For the positive hits, there already is a distributed system,
it's called the Distributed Server Boycott List, DSBL:


It has a set of testing programs available at

For the negative side of things, ie. determining which servers
have already been tested by others, there doesn't seem to be
anything available yet.  You've made me think about the issue
though and I'm convinced now that we'll want something.


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