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Blacklisted hopes not blocked if listing not accompanied by a message


So I've been continuing to play around with Zmailer, and in my sources
(zmailer-2.99.55) around line 1420 of smtpserver/policytest.c I see a
test for P_A_TestRcptDnsRBL which indicates that a blacklist entry will
only be honored if an RBL message has also been found:

        if (state->rblmsg != NULL) {
          /* Now this is cute... the source address had RBL entry,
             and the recipient domain had a request to honour the
             RBL data. */
          if (state->message != NULL) free(state->message);
          state->message = strdup(state->rblmsg);
          if (debug)
            printf("000- ... TestRcptDnsRBL has a message: '%s'\n",
          return -1;

relays.osirusoft.com at least occasionally lists hosts without matching
messages. I'm curious if it's intentional that zmailer doesn't appear to
honor blacklist entries without an accompanying reason...

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