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Re: why use zmailer?

On Tue, Aug 20, 2002 at 07:34:11AM -0600, Devin Reade wrote:

> > - objective reasons to switch from postfix to zmailer?
> I can't compare it to postfix, but one of my coworkers used
> zmailer to replace sendmail at a very large ISP about five years
> back.  The result was an immediate and very significant performance
> increase -- zmailer is *much* better for handling large quantities
> of mail.  If you know how postfix performs compared to sendmail,
> this comparison might actually help ...

Sendmail has improved quite drastically.  I remember a few years ago
sendmail's out of the box performance was so bad that I just *had* to
replace it - and I choose zmailer because it was doing such a great job
on vger.rutgers.edu, a completly underpowered machine that was still
running other services.

Still zmailer is faster and saner to configure for most applications.

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