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I have problem with very slow smtp delivering

I use zmailer as a gate, so, it has accept mail,
process it and then resent to proper destination.
I have one domain, that
I want to deliver much faster than others.
But, when a look at mailq at my specific domain, I can se
V/S/327748-26142:       (waiting for thread slot, expires in 
1d23h, tries=0) and many other messages to same domain
with:  (activation pending, thread inactive, expires in 1d23h, 

In my scheduler conf is:
maxta: 250

in almost all stmp/
 is maxchannel=199

in my specific domain is
I don't care that other domains will wait, but I
need fast delivering to my specific domain...

when i use pstree, i see:
     |           |-scheduler
     |           `-60*[smtp]

the sum o processes of scheduler processes
is not 250, even if i count all zmailer processes...

thank you very much

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