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Re: Problems with bad header 'from'

Bartosz Klimek <bartoszk@onet.pl>
> While it seems to be a correct behaviour, it is very problematic for our
> employees. Is there an easy way to make the router to replace the invalid
> 'from' field with the 'from' e-mail address from the envelope?

Not that I know about. However, I would be very cautious about doing that.

Suppose that the From field is illegal, and that the envelope from and
the Reply-To field differ. What should the router do? (Yes, I've seen
cases where both would be the "right" choice.)

Or even better: There's a Sender field, and it too is different. What
should the router guess?

My personal choice would probably be to bounce the message. If you can't
deal with a message reasonably, an error message for the sender is a
respectable solution.

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