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How to remove mails?

I have 2072 mails generated by wrong script. I want remove all mails
to atlas.cz. How I can do this?

snail:~# mailq -Q
    smtp/optinllc.com/0         R=1  A=39 W=1124s QA=1d21h
    smtp/sms.eurotel.cz/0       R=6  A=47 W=90s QA=2d21h
    smtp/atlas.cz/0             R=2072 A=36 P=17991 HA=1s FA=39s OF=93 QA=20h53m54s
        Threads:    3 Msgs:  2079 Procs:   3 Idle:   2 Plim:  20 Flim: 150
        Threads:    0 Msgs:     0 Procs:   1 Idle:   1 Plim:   5 Flim: 150
Kids: 4  Idle:  3  Msgs: 2170  Thrds:   3  Rcpnts: 2079  Uptime: 9h50m51s

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