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smtp-ta trying to talk with itself


 Due to some funny configuration problems, involving private TAs and so on,
 we have come to the solution, where we should reroute the mail again into
 the input queue. Since we have found no other solution, the system just
 tries to deliver the mail to the smtp/$(hostname) channel. Unfortunately,
 that means, that the smtp-ta tries to contact the smtpserver on the same
 machine and exits with the error:

 Jul 25 15:11:10 t4 smtp[21314]: S336882AbSGYNK5: to=<xxxx@test.onet>,
 delay=00:00:13, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=smtp,
 <http://relay=t4.test.onet.pl/> relay=t4.test.onet.pl ([|25]),
 stat=error2 Trying to talk with myself! cvt=UNKNOWN

 Please, let me know what should we do:

 1. comment out the apropriate code in transports/smtp/smtp.c? That does not
 seem realiable solution
 2. is there some channel in router, where putting the mail would reroute it
 again? That is, the mail will be processed again by the router, this time
 with the new "to=<>" address, returned by the "router address@domain"
 command in the router?

Bartosz Klimek, Onet.pl S.A.

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