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I seem to have BINDADDR zenvironment variable basically working, but I
need to do more testing before submitting a diff.  The thing affects
smtpserver, smtp agent and scheduler (mailq socket).  Ideally, this
should make possible to run second instance of the server by creating a
second copy of *only one* config file, zmailer.conf (and of course
second postoffice and second log directory will still be needed).

In the meanwhile, I found a problem in smtpserver: it contains a hack to
not use pid file/not kill previous instance if BindAddress/BindPort was
specified.  It makes regular restarting with 'zmailer' script
impossible.  Enabling regular use of pid files should not be a problem
when different instances use different POSTOFFICE (or if you derive the
pid file name from bindaddr/bindport if they are present).  What do you
think is the proper way to deal with this issue?

Eugene Crosser, head of Internet Applications section, +7 501 787 1000
ROL, Teleross, Golden Telecom, http://user.rol.ru/~crosser/

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