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RE: Re[4]: Syntax question: smtp-policy.spam

> This is not a viable option.  If the checker is one process, it may become
> bottleneck. If there are several, you'll have to schedule requests, which
> expensive and fragile.  Performing the check within the space of a single 
> process looks more practical.

Oh c'mon, just listen and fork - every TCP server works that way - and the
kernel shedules requests. Not to mention, that The Good Solution would be to
write such a server as a stand-alone solution, distributed with zmailer. It
would in turn respawn separate checker processes, which just communicate
thru stdin/stdout. So in theory you write the program (standalone, which (in
loop!) reads letter from stdin and writes out dispositions to stdout. the
"checker-server" program listens on the socket, forks in as many
subprocesses as required and each of them runs your program. so more or less
sth like scheduler and TAs. In this way the development of filters would be
even easier, and the "scheduling problem" would be handled by team of
responsible programmeres of zmailer ;-)))

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