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Re[4]: Syntax question: smtp-policy.spam

On Fri, 14 Jun 2002 11:37:25 +0200 Marek Kowal <kowalm@onet.pl> wrote:

> > Ideally, content filter might be built in smtpserver binary, with 
> > filtering rules dynamically reloadable the same way as current policy database.
> I doubt it should be in the binary - it will grow big and maintenance will
> become real burden. The best way - I believe - is to create separate
> program, which listens on the socket for incoming letters, parses them, and
> then answers (in unerstandable way) - what should be done to the letter. it
> might also return reprocessed letter (i.e. with viruses removed). once the
> interface is well documented, anyone can write his/her own content filter,
> the zmailer just contacts it.

This is not a viable option.  If the checker is one process, it may become
a bottleneck. If there are several, you'll have to schedule requests, which
is expensive and fragile.  Performing the check within the space of a
single process looks more practical.

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