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more observations

Today I had a reason to peek into the schedluer logs and I noticed a few
interesting things.  This apply to the current CVS version:

- on every(?) ETRN I get this:

20020529190718 ETRN: UROLOGY.RU []
scheduler: SHOULD NOT HAPPEN: cfp->head == NULL; spoolid: (null)

- and quite a number of things like this, at arbitrary moments:

scheduler: tried to dq_insert(ino=2647057, file='X/2647057-13596') already in queue

I thought I sould bring it to Matti's attention...
Eugene Crosser, head of Internet Applications section, +7 501 787 1000
ROL, Teleross, Golden Telecom, http://user.rol.ru/~crosser/

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