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Vacation / aliases question.


I've noticed strange behavior of vacation program in version 2.99.55.
Let's see our alias:

Johnie.Walker:        jwalker

If I send email to jwalker@, after vacation is started, I get reply, but if
only message is sent to Johnie.Walker@,
I get no reply. Is this something misconfigured? jwalker is real unix
account. Thisis e-mail to jwalker log (working reply):

Feb 23 00:17:30 tulipan router[924]: S96575AbSBVXRW:
from=<wsobola@astercity.net>, rrelay=smtp.acn.pl ([]:21508 "EHLO
mail.astercity.net"), size=1028, nrcpts=2,
Feb 23 00:17:31 tulipan mailbox[9229]: S96575AbSBVXRW:
to=<jwalker@XXXXX.pl>, delay=00:00:09, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=local,
stat=ok3 Ok
Feb 23 00:17:31 tulipan mailbox[9230]: S96575AbSBVXRW:
to=<"|/usr/mail/bin/vacation.exe jwalker">, delay=00:00:09, xdelay=00:00:00,
mailer=local, stat=ok3 [Exit Status 0]
Feb 23 00:17:41 tulipan router[924]: S96577AbSBVXRb:
from=<jwalker@XXXXX.pl>, rrelay=STDIN (from localhost user: 'jwalker'
uid#539 fake: STDIN (jwalker@XXXXX.pl)), size=511, nrcpts=1,
Feb 23 00:17:42 tulipan smtp[9312]: S96577AbSBVXRb:
to=<wsobola@astercity.net>, delay=00:00:11, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=smtp,
relay=mail.xxx.net ([|25||36908]), stat=ok3 ^M->> 250 Ok:
queued as B889D295A4 cvt=NONE

In a case of mail to Johnie.Walker@, log ends after [Exit Status 0], and
there's nothing more.
Is there any cheat ? ;]

Wojciech Sobola
Unix System Engineer
S&T Poland

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