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RE: home-grown transport agent problems

Hi Matti,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I changed the order of invocation: first goes
notaryreport() and then diagnostic() and it sure helped. So this was the


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From: Matti Aarnio [mailto:mea@nic.funet.fi]
Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2002 12:51 AM
To: Marek Kowal
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Subject: Re: home-grown transport agent problems

On Mon, Jan 28, 2002 at 11:54:34PM +0100, Marek Kowal wrote:
> Hi there,
> Due to the development of new propiretary mail system my 
company decided to
> adopt ZMailer to suit our needs. This required the development of new
> Transport Agent (TA), tailored to our own mail storage schema.
> The TA is performing well, delivers mails as required, but 
I've encountered
> the problem I cannot solve: once the mailbox quota is 
reached, I'd like to
> return the letter (or at least -> the information) about unsuccesfull
> delivery to the sender. I tried the following code in my TA:
> void deliver(...){
>   ....
>  if (result==5){
>    diagnostic(startrp,i,0,"size of mailbox exceeds quota for 
the user");
>          notaryreport(startrp->addr->user, "failed",
>                  "4.2.2 (Destination mailbox full)",
>                  "OnetTA; 500 (Attempting to deliver to full 

   This order is wrong.

   First you do 'notaryreport()', which puts data into internal state,
   then you do diagnostics, which uses that internal state.

   Compare with this fragment from   mailbox.c:

	  if (pw == NULL) {
			 "5.2.1 (Target file has no known owner)",
			 "x-local; 510 (Target file has no 
known owner)");
	    DIAGNOSTIC(rp, file, EX_NOPERM,
		       "File \"%s\" has no owner", file);
	    return 1;

  Your  diagnostic()  call is ok (it has different parameters than
  what macro DIAGNOSTIC has).

> That's it - I am calling diagnostic() and notaryreport() - as seen in
> mailbox.c from zmailer sources, which I tried to follow. When invoking
> the TA from command line, it seems to work OK:

> ps1:/var/spool/postoffice/transport# /root/bin/onetTA -l
> /var/log/mail/onetta
> #hungry
> P/P/654097-21917
> 654097/196              ok3 Message delivered succesfully
> #hungry
> P/Q/654098-21916
> 654098/196              error2 size of mailbox exceeds quota 
for the user
> #hungry

    "error2" is transport-agent's way (libta library's) to inform
   the scheduler, that the transport-agent did error logging into
   the spool file, and when the scheduler gets around, it should
   analyze the file and report errors.

> Unfortunately, the information letter for the second case is 
NOT sent back
> to the sender! I have found out (in sheduler.perflog) the 
following line:
> 1012236984 654097-21916 7 8 error onetta/myslot_specification

   That might mean that there is something wrong in the scheduler.
   (grumble..  possible it always is...)

   Going thru the  u_error2(), and subsequent calls all the way
   into  unctlfile() do, I think, call  reporterrs() in all cases.

> So apparently the scheduler gets informed about the fact, 
that there was
> delivery error, and simply... discards the letter. I checeked in
> /var/spool/postoffice directories - the letter is simply removed.
> So the question is: what is it, that I am doing wrong? Should 
I exit() my
> TA, returning EX_UNAVALIABLE after each unsccessfull 
delivery? Or rather,
> the TA is ok, it is just zmailer which is misconfigured?

   Aside of doing those calls in wrong order I think your TA is ok.
   It should not manifest as disappearing diagnostics, though.

> Please - help. I am getting desperate ;-))
> Cheers,
> Marek.

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>
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