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RE: local user capitalization problem.

A possible workaround for your situation would be to create a 2nd user with
the same unix UID in a lowercase version.. It would be a bit of deception
that may 'work' while still allowing those users to use their Mixed case
user. Some unix commands may return the lowercase name (it'd have to be
tested) but definitely the 'forward' lookups on username to uid should work.

But in general the much easier thing would be to eliminate those mixed case


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		From:	Andy Poling [mailto:andy@realbig.com]
		Sent:	Monday, January 21, 2002 11:51 AM
		To:	Johnathan Thibodeau
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		Subject:	Re: local user capitalization problem.

		On Mon, 21 Jan 2002, Johnathan Thibodeau wrote:
		> Now, it would be nice if all our users had lower case
names, but sadly we
		> let them choose their own name on occasion. And despite
any persuasion to
		> so otherwise, they sometime choose a name with capital

		Just say no.  You'll have no end of headaches.

		Email addresses are (practically-speaking) case-insensitive,
and you cannot
		easily deal with that if your usernames are mixed case.

		Force them all to all lower-case, and eliminate future

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