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local user capitalization problem.

A couple of weeks ago I upgraded a machine to zmailer 2.99.55. Everything
appeared to be okay, until we started to notice bounced mail that had
been directed to a local user with capital letters in their username.
Somewhere, while processing the mail, zmailer would read the username as
all lower case. The router would route the mail properly, showing the
capital letters, but when the mail was read by scheduler, it would show up
as all small letters in mailq.

Now, it would be nice if all our users had lower case names, but sadly we
let them choose their own name on occasion. And despite any persuasion to
so otherwise, they sometime choose a name with capital letters.

I would really appreciate any help I can get. I've tried reading the
zmailer manual online, but so far I have yet to find anything of
relevance. I've been trying to get this system using zmailer 2.99.55 for a
while now.

Johnathan Thibodeau
Chebucto Community Net

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