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Re: MAIL FROM discarded

On Mon, 2001-12-10 at 14:57:50, zmailer@pizi.cz wrote:

> I have server with zmailer.
> >From this server I send with my perl script mail to this local
> Zmailer...
> HELO localhost
> MAIL FROM: <automat@jinak.cz>
> RCPT TO: <shaana@shaana.cz>
> Subject: Potvrzeni registrace
> From: Potvrzovadlo <potvrd@jinak.cz>
> To: Prihlasovatel <shaana@shaana.cz>
> X-pomucka: blabla
> bla bla bla
> This all is OK. Zmailer receive this from my script, but!
> When Zmailer sending this mail to shaana, this mail have envelope
> MAIL FROM: <>, and shaana's SMTP server is configured to not receive
> mail with empty MAIL FROM:.
> Why Zmailer discard my MAIL FROM?

  I had the same problem when I used a 'hack' to reject nonexistent users
in virtual domains, putting

a.domain.com	error!nosuchuser

  in /etc/zmailer/db/routes file. There's a piece of code in Zmailer that
breaks MAIL FROM addresses when it thinks they are comming from 'error'

  If this is what you do, I can give you solution to this problem.

Szymon Juraszczyk, szymon@ssk.pl
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