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Re: virus scanner for zmailer?

Someone I know did it. Wasn't too hard, as I understood it, but the result
can't be distributed because of the way it mixes commercial and semi-free
code. Pity.

Short version: You can modify the router to pick up messages in
POSTOFFICE/scanned and scan the messages in POSTOFFICE/router for virii.
When a message is seen to be clean, move to POSTOFFICE/scanned, when not,
to POSTOFFICE/virus. It should be reasonably easy to do this using amavis;
just scan for "\nenv-end\n" in POSTOFFICE/router/* and have amavis scan
the rest of the file.

Using a procmail-like solution scans on local delivery, but not on SMTP
delivery. This approach will catch everything passing through the zmailer.

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