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RE: mailq output

When I counted the R=%d values in mailq -Q, they added up (actually, they
were 2 short but that was probably me being dumb).

When I do a "find postoffice/queue -type f | wc" I get a value very close to
the 3,500 messages.  Likewise with postoffice/transport.

I took a look at those messages not listed in mailq -v, but that exist in
the queue directory, and cannot find anything about them to indicate a
difference from the rest.

This all started having a huge effect on Friday, when the only change to the
Zmailer configuration was the removal of a custom stmp channel; placing this
channel back in the configuration has no effect, so I have initially ignored
that as a possible cause.  The only thing it had that our smtp/* channel
doesn't have is to set the hostname on the SMTP TA's command-line.  It
accounted for well under 1% of our SMTP traffic.

Saxon Jones

Network Administrator
Interbaun Communications, Inc.
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Edmonton, AB
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Email: netadmin@interbaun.net

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From: Matti Aarnio [mailto:mea@nic.funet.fi] 
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On Thu, Dec 13, 2001 at 01:29:05PM -0700, Saxon Jones wrote:
> I'm confused by the output of mailq -QQ.  I add up the channels and it
> to less than 1,000 messages -- but the total is reported as 3,500.  Where
> are the other 2,500 messages?

      Hmm..  That is odd.   Does the  -Q  listing show that 
      the sum of all R= counts in a group 

> Thanks.  And here's the output of mailq -QQ for your reference:
> smtp/*/0
>         Threads:  303 Msgs:   621 Procs:  42 Idle:  10 Plim: 500 Flim: 150
Tlim: 1
> local/pipe*/0
>         Threads:    0 Msgs:     0 Procs:   1 Idle:   1 Plim:  50 Flim: 150
Tlim: 1
> smtp-etrn/*/0
>         Threads:    0 Msgs:     0 Procs:   1 Idle:   1 Plim:  20 Flim: 150
Tlim: 1
> hold/*/0
>         Threads:    1 Msgs:     8 Procs:   1 Idle:   1 Plim:  20 Flim: 150
Tlim: 1
> error/*/0
>         Threads:    1 Msgs:     3 Procs:   1 Idle:   0 Plim:  20 Flim: 150
Tlim: 1
> local/*/0
>         Threads:   13 Msgs:     3 Procs:  50 Idle:  38 Plim:  50 Flim: 150
Tlim: 1
> Kids: 96  Idle: 51  Msgs: 3540  Thrds: 318  Rcpnts:  635  Uptime:
> Msgs in 130801 out 125980 stored 3540 Rcpnts in 161782 out 157880 stored
3902 (642)

      Oh,   the  stored recipients count is also wrong.
      SNMP counters are giving bogus data.

      The value in parenthesis tells what was counted while
      generating this output, value without parenthesis
      are internal counters which are managed when messages
      are added and removed from queues, but apparently
      sometimes those get added too much, and/or decremented
      too much.

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> Saxon Jones
> Email: netadmin@interbaun.net
/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>
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