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Expired accounts.


I'm trying to get zmailer to reject mail based on a list of accounts that
have been expired, but I can't find any documentation on this. I've gotten
to the point of making a file in the db directory called expiredaccts, and
building it into a database with `newdb -t btree -l -f
../db/expiredaccts`, but when I do a router -i I get:

z# router am341
<jthibo.interactive@halifax.chebucto.ns.ca>: address: am341
owner_btree: cannot open /csuite/zmailer/db/expiredaccts!
search_btree: cannot open /csuite/zmailer/db/expiredaccts!
<jthibo.interactive@halifax.chebucto.ns.ca>: deferred: IO:error: am341
(((hold IO:error am341 default_attributes)))

Where am341 is the only name in the expiredaccts file, which does exist at
/csuite/zmailer/db/expiredaccts, and has permissions set to 644. The
version of zmailer that we're using is 2.99.50.

Any help would be appreciated.

Johnathan Thibodeau
Chebucto Community Net

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