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Re[2]: MAIL FROM discarded

AL> Well, you may wish to add "shaana.cz" domain to RFC-IGNORANT list of unfame.
AL> http://www.rfc-ignorant.org/, DSN section.

Thanks for this handy URL. briliant is here now.

>> Why Zmailer discard my MAIL FROM?
AL> That's really strange. Could you please look into your router logs?

<20011210130107Z65401-18167+19@snail.infocity.cz>: address: automat@jinak.cz
<20011210130107Z65401-18167+19@snail.infocity.cz>: file: 65401-18167 <automat@jinak.cz>...
<20011210130107Z65401-18167+19@snail.infocity.cz>: file: 65401-18167 <automat@jinak.cz> =>  <shaana@shaana.cz>
<20011210130107Z65401-18167+19@snail.infocity.cz>: address: shaana@shaana.cz

router -i

z# router shaana@shaana.cz
<root.interactive@snail.infocity.cz>: address: shaana@shaana.cz
(((smtp shaana.cz shaana@shaana.cz default_attributes)))

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