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MAIL FROM discarded

I have server with zmailer.
From this server I send with my perl script mail to this local

HELO localhost
MAIL FROM: <automat@jinak.cz>
RCPT TO: <shaana@shaana.cz>
Subject: Potvrzeni registrace
From: Potvrzovadlo <potvrd@jinak.cz>
To: Prihlasovatel <shaana@shaana.cz>
X-pomucka: blabla
bla bla bla

This all is OK. Zmailer receive this from my script, but!

When Zmailer sending this mail to shaana, this mail have envelope
MAIL FROM: <>, and shaana's SMTP server is configured to not receive
mail with empty MAIL FROM:.

Why Zmailer discard my MAIL FROM?

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