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routes smtp_neighbour: not found


	I've run into a problem with zmailer running on a machine of mine,
I hope I can find some help on this list. If there's a better list for me
to be asking help questions on, I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me
what this list is.

	Whenever I attempt to send mail through the server, it accepts it
okay, but when the message makes it way through to the router I get the

routes smtp_neighbour: not found

in /var/log/mail/router.

	I've been searching through documentation and mail archives for
days and I haven't been able to find anything that would help me.

	I also have another problem with the latest release not accepting
connections, but I'll stick to one question at a time.

Johnathan Thibodeau

Bureaucrat, n.:
	A person who cuts red tape sideways.
		-- J. McCabe

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