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Re: HELO [] wrong policy checking


On 13 Sep 2001 at 11:58, Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:

> Alexey Lobanov <aal@cpr.spb.ru>

> > I understand HELO string as a good FORMAL check for "properly 
> > mailhost". Not less, not more. Should we accept mail from 
> > maintained" one? It depends.

> You should, I think. Because even clueful people often get that wrong.

It is old and well-known discussion about "order". Should we get mail 
(paper) from a dirty unshaved guy coming to our reception? Possible 
answer is Yes, if we are public or state mail service. No, if we are a 
private firm. So, no uniform solution.

Also, "clueful people" fix their error very fast. And (in my private 
experience) very few "clueful people" work in spam business, they just 
find better job :-)

Coming back to our rams. Many real Internet services (NNTP servers, etc) 
disallow any connections from hosts having no reverce DNS RR. The idea 
seems be same: "This host (or whole network) is improperly maintained, 
we do not expect anything good from it". Paranoid? Yes...

Other idea. Regexp checking PTR RR for "dial", "ppp" and some other 
known modem pool substrings can be effective add-on or replacement for 
MAPS DUL checks.


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