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I have a strange issue that I notice on Solaris 8/SPARC (I tested it on
FreeBSD/x86 and the problem does not exist).  I use 2.99.55, and I also
tried patch #1 but it didn't help.

It seems that ZMailer isn't parsing email addresses quite like I'd expect it
to.  When a MAIL FROM:<> is received, ZMailer would try to reply to that
address with a bounce (when appropriate).  It seems that the <> are not
being stripped from the address, because the bounces are addressed to  <<>>.

Has anyone else run into this problem, and possibly know of any solutions?
I've patched the sources to check not only for an empty email address, but
also one that is "<>" in errormail.c, and this has skirted the issue for us,
but I want to actually fix the problem.


Saxon Jones

Network Administrator,
Interbaun Communications
Suite 200, 18404 Stony Plain Road
Edmonton, AB
T5S 2M8

(780) 447-8282, ext. 369

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