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Unfortunatly my server is at mail-abuse.org list. I was trying to fix
problem but the mail-abuse test do the folowing with success:

>>> MAIL FROM:<spamtest@[]>
<<< 250 2.1.0 Sender syntax Ok
>>> RCPT TO:<user2%rdaver.bungi.com@[]>
<<< 250 2.1.5 Recipient address syntax Ok
>>> DATA
<<< 354 Start mail input; end with <CRLF>.<CRLF>
>>> (message body)
<<< 250 2.6.0 S165484AbRHTMzS message accepted
/proj/maps/rss/bin/rly: relay accepted - final response code 250

I've read previous mails on zmailer list and I see there is a problem to
secure (in easy way)
server from mails like user2@rdaver.bungi.com@[] (I know - run router
But in my test there is % instead @ and in conf file is
#PARAM accept-percent-kludge # "localpart" can contain '%' and '!'
should I run router synchronously to reject this mail?
2nd question is: can I allways reject mail like *@[]  (when
is my server)


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