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Re: amavis and zmailer

On Thu, 26 July 2001 09:30, XosÉ Vázquez wrote:
> > Someone had put to run amavis,a virus "scaner" for mail,
> > ( http://www.amavis.org )  with zmailer MTA ( http://www.zmailer.org ) ?
>    Not to my knowledge, but it should be fairly trivial excercise
>    giving that all email is going thru router script function 'process'
>    (in  process.cf ! ) and there one can call external processing
>    scripts/programs.

It is actually very easy, however, it is very ineffective as well. Running an 
external program for each mail passing through the router will slow down the 
processing :( A better solution is to integrate a scanning engine with the 
router by creating a new internal function (see functions.c and prototypes.h) 
- if it is possible of course.


Bartosz Klimek, Onet.pl S.A.
e-mail: bartoszk@onet.pl
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