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Re: ZMailer "hangs up" on message queues...

> We've been submitting messages to the postoffice/router directory int he
> format <NUM>-<NUM>  where num is a non-zero number, one is the PID the
> other a message sequence count.

The "-" is used as a marker indicating that a router is processing it.
The format is, I think, messageId-RouterPid.

Routers will not touch x-y messages believing that some other router is
in the process.
Beware that zmailer needs the filenames to be unique along the way, so
inode number is used for filename. BTW, all the postoffice should be
kept in a single

Standard procedure to create messages is creating them at
public/whatever, then move it to
router/inodeNumber (so you don't let a router to route your message
before it is

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