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Re: rfe: automagic open relay message refusal?

On Thu, 14 Jun 2001, Rik van Riel wrote:

> I don't see what exactly you are asking for ...
> What exactly is it you want to get done ?

I want to see the following happen:

> incoming SMTP connection
	- is the ip address trusted?  yes -> accept session
	- is the host an open mail relay? yes -> reject session, no: accept
		- is the host in our open relay cache?
			yes - verify and update if old or negative
			- no: connect and check

Where connect and check involves opening an SMTP session to the remote
server and verifying that it does not relay mail for anyone.

Yes, this is exactly what ORBS like databases do, however they are not
trusted, nor do they catch new open mail relays.  This kind of setup will
catch open relays instantly, plus it won't be at the mercy of the whims of
ORBS maintainers or legal action.


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