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I was wondering, do you know where I can buy a smtp
mailserver or anything similar that will sendout
messages to recipients without showing my computer ip
and isp details?
I am aware of companies selling smtp IPs of
mailservers that send messages by blind relays so that
my recipients cannot see my computer ip and isp
details on the message headers.
But, I am not interested in buying smtp IPs, 
I want to run my own blind relay smtp or mailserver.
Can you please kindly forward me where I can buy such
a mailserver?

Is there away to send email without revealing the
senders' computer IP and senders' ISP details and the
sending mailserver' details on the messages' header
And is there away to hide the computer IP and
mailserver details and ISP details of the form that
sends the messages?
Is there away to blind relay?

Do you know of any free scripts that will let me do
what I am intending to do?
Can you help in any way?

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