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Virtual domains via $MAILVAR/db/routes

I've tried implementing virtual domains on our Zmailer host according to the
instructions found in doc/guides/virtusers in the Zmailer source
distribution.  I have lines resembling the following in my configuration

user@domain1:	user
usera@domain1:	usera
user@domain2:	user1

domain1	error!novirtuser
domain2	error!novirtuser

or alternately,

.domain1	error!novirtuser
.domain2	error!novirtuser

These domains do not appear in localnames.  When I send a message to a user
specified in fqdnaliases, all works fine.  When I send to a user at a domain
in routes that does not appear in fqdnaliases, it bounces with whatever I
put in $MAILVAR/forms/novirtuser.  All works fine here.

However, relaying mail through this system isn't working properly now.  When
a user specifies their from address as being (for example) user@domain1,
their message is accepted by the system fine.  When it goes to relay it on
to the destination host, every time the smtp ta will specify "MAIL FROM:<>"
in the smtp conversation rather than "MAIL FROM:<user@domain1>".  I know
this is RFC valid, but it presents some issues.  These users no longer get
bounce messages from these other systems, as the <> source address implies
none are desires.  Also, some (admittedly brain-dead) mailers will reject
these messages outright, right after the MAIL FROM:<>.

I believe the router is causing this while it sets up the files for the
scheduler.  I see lines like this in the files under $POSTOFFICE/transport:

s error novirtuser 1
r       smtp destdomain user@destdomain 60001

Is there a way to fix this?  The smtp transport is obviously creating its
"MAIL FROM:<>" based on this s line.  Can I possibly make the router write
something else here?  Is there a better way to do all of this?  My ultimate
goal was to have anything not specified in fqdnaliases bounced immediately
rather than floating around in the queue or being delivered to another user
with the same username.

Thanks for any help.

Drew Bowering
Technical Infrastructure Administrator
Interbaun Communications