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iserrmessage: not found

It's today's CVS version.  For every, or almost every message there is
a line in the router log:

[13286] iserrmessage: not found

Looking at the source, there is a static function of that name in
router/rfc822.c, that is used only once, and a reference in cf/p-routes.cf:

        # We have Alternate default-lookup for cases of locally generated
        # ERROR MESSAGES -- for case where the dot (.) leads to error!
        # and we want to reply with DIFFERENT address, thus:  '.:ERROR' key.

        $(iserrmessage) &&
                tmp=$(routesdb "$domain" -: '.:ERROR') &&
                        tmp=$(routes_spec "$tmp" "$address" $A) &&
                                return $tmp

In the latter file, apparently there is no definition of this
function(?).  I don't know how to fix this...