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Re: signal 11

On Thu, Mar 22, 2001 at 02:57:00PM +0300, Kirill Sysoeff wrote:
> Hallo Everybody!
> I've just made new mail server and everything seems to be OK, but....
> when I said    '" mailq -s "
> I saw the next strange thing:
> local/client@service.net:
>         R/96373-9505: (2 tries, expires in 2d21h) [signal 11]
>         V/96403-9504: (2 tries, expires in 2d21h) [signal 11]
>         Y/96406-9505: (2 tries, expires in 2d21h) [signal 11]
> So the recipient recieved his mail, but it wasn't removed from
> POSTOFFICE/queue and POSTOFFICE/transport.
> Does anybody had the same problem?
> Any suggestions?

	You will, perhaps, see 'core' files at your $POSTOFFICE/transport/
	(If not, you need to restart the scheduler with environment
	 "ulimit -c unlimited" setting.)

	It sounds like something I have seen recently too, but at
	different transport agent (smtp, in fact).
	I do think that that got cured at 2.99.55.

	But no, I can't remember what was the reason, nor I see it logged
	anywhere obvious.

	Getting a post-mortem backtrace from the core-file would help.

	# file $POSTOFFICE/transport/core
	(core of 'mailbox' ?)
	# gdb $MAILBIN/ta/mailbox $POSTOFFICE/transport/core
	(gdb) where
	... (the interesting report is here) ...

	All that assuming you have installed the binaries with debug symbols
	in them..  Helps doing backtracks, and doesn't need all that much of
	diskspace anyway.

> I run Linux 2.4.2
> Zmailer 2.99.54
> Thanks
> Kirill

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>