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RE: 2.99.55 setup

At 11:41 AM 3/21/01 -0600, you wrote:

>This is a controllable option in 'zmailer.conf' that is a command line 
>parameter to scheduler (option: SCHEDULEROPTIONS). If it has flag -H then 
>it should only create a single set of subdirectories, while flag '-HH' 
>will create the double-set of subdirectories you are seeing. Unless 
>2.99.55 has a new bug related to a single -H then it should just be a 
>matter of change '-HH' to '-H' in zmailer.conf.

Thanks... The post-install perl script creates the directories. I didn't 
have zmailer setup already, and I ran that script to set up the postoffice 
directories. After commenting out the part which creates the second set of 
directories, it does much better. The ten second directory scan went from 
about 15 seconds to a fraction of a second on my old test computer by not 
using the second layer of directories.

Dana Booth <dana@booth-family.org>