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disk activity

Okay, I'm not a programmer or debugger or software auditor. I struggle with 
TCL sometimes. :)

First, is Zmailer still in active development?

About a year ago, I switched from Zmailer to Exim at our shop, and am now 
interested in moving back to Zmailer. Before I do things at work, I do it 
here at home first. I picked up what appears to be the latest, 2.99.55. 
After installing it, I run the post-install script, and it takes about 45 
minutes to create the directories that Zmailer likes. Now, this home test 
computer is just old junk parts, 200 mhz cpu and 32mb ram, but runs OpenBSD 
2.7 on a "PC", which is what the mail computer at work uses. The "real" 
mail computer is a 750 Athlon and 512mb ram with a fast & wide scsi disk. 
It's always done okay with mail.

Okay, back to the junk test computer at home... When I run the Zmailer 
stuff, it works just fine, no errors that I can tell, but the HD just spins 
and spins and grids along forever. It'll spin for about 20 seconds 
straight, take about a 5 second break, and do it again. This goes on.... 
Maybe it has a kazillion databases to make or something, and I let it go on 
for about an hour, but it never let up.

I installed, and am currently running 2.99.50s19, which doesn't do the disk 
grinding thing.

Does this problem sound familiar to anyone?

Dana Booth <dana@booth-family.org>