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Release of ZMailer version 2.99.55


README.UPGRADING  contains these words:

        ZMailer-2.99.55-pre1cvs (22-Jan-2001)
                Detail change at how variable expansion happens inside
                the router scripts with aim to allow less opportunities
                to do variable expansions which lead to unintended
                splitting (at IFS chars) of (positional) function call
                parameters.   Few things which used to be string literals
                are now changed to lists:  Check your  router.cf !
                        Was:    protocols='router smtp'
                        Now:    protocols=(router smtp)
                COMPARE YOUR  router.cf  AGAINST THE  $MAILSHARE/cf/SMTP.cf !
                (or whatever your prototype file was)

Other notable things picked in semi-random order:

 - Various smtp transport agent timeout reaction bugfixes to react
   properly on timeouts -- not only trying to continue when write
   times out..

 - Scheduler had memory corruption problems which manifested as weird
   deletions of directories (or files, luck depending).  Cured that
   and the system should not loose any messages in mysterious ways.

 - The router can now do following with  fqdnaliases  mapping entry:

       @some.domain:  %1@other.domain

   where the '%1' gets replaced with incoming address' local part.
   NOTE: The initial  "%1"@other.domain   pattern  is no longer
   needed as the replacement machinery was moved into the DB lookups.
   NOTE2: dbases.conf  file MUST be equipped with  -%  option for
   the 'relation' definition options.  See the prototype!

 - The router scripts handle  DECNET-IV  gatewayed addresses properly
   without loosing quotes:
      "HOST::USER"@gw.host  ->  HOST::USER@gw.host  -->  USER@gw.host@HOST
   which of course is NOT good..

   Partly also router's $(condquote ...)  function fault, which didn't
   consider '::' as a special "must preserve quotes" thing.

 - "mailq -v(v)" tells deep details about the message also when the scheduler
   runs in MAILQv2 mode.

 - The smtp transport agent can speak LMTP to remote system;
   the smtpserver has also LMTP mode, but it is *not* the real thing,
   that is, acknowledgement only when the message is delivered thru.

 - Several other smtp transport agent control features (like '-7' and '-77'